Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What are some secret, secrets of women?

What are some secret, secrets of women?

The secret secrets of women are secret, how can I tell them, but still I can tell some secrets.

1. It always remains the age of women. The birthday of some of my friends is a constant value that has not been increasing beyond 29 in the last five years. We reach every time to celebrate their 29th birthday.

2. Women no longer count after the tenth anniversary of marriage (until the Silver Jubilee ceases).

3. Even after hours of makeup, she says that she could not do anything quickly. Sometimes in front of people, the age of children is also reduced.

4. If there is less food in the house then it says that I am not hungry (I keep my hunger secret).

5. No matter how much in-laws the in-laws give - you do not worry, I am fine (problems also rule).

6. No matter how bad the husband is, he keeps the secret in front of the relatives and hides the mistakes of the husband.

7. Women give up many wishes for the happiness of the family, their desires also remain the secret. How many secrets of women, their life is full of secrets.

8. You must have seen your mother eating stale bread, leftover vegetable, saying "I like".

9. Many women will not be able to live by raising their heads if women do not keep their secrets.

Therefore, let secrets remain the secret.

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